Sketchnote Workshop

Organised by Malwine

Sorry. All places are gone.


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In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to create visual notes about any technical or non-technical topic while you are at a conference, listening to a podcast or reading a book. We will discuss how sketchnoting may help you understand (active listening/deeper understanding). You will then practice a number of visual patterns (such as faces, shapes, lines, fonts & typography, icons & emojis). Finally, you will be able to create your first sketchnotes.


We'll have to see how hot it will be. Maybe, if it's over 30 degrees we all just want to go swimming ;D

If we do it, feel free to bring your favorite material, pens, notebooks etc. If you have none of these I will provide you with the basics.

UPDATE: If haven't signed up yet but the workshop is full and you really want to join, just come around :)

Sat 03 Aug — 14:00
Sat 03 Aug — 15:30
At the venue
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