Crux Tutorial

Organised by Malcolm Sparks

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It’s the year 2115. You have been hired by an inter-planetary bank, Helios Banking Inc. Your task is to travel around the solar system completing assignments using Crux.

You have been given a company spaceship so transport won’t be a problem. Space Customs require all astronauts to complete a flight manifest for every journey. You also have a handy Crux manual with you so you can read up on some background information before you get stuck into each assignment.

Johanna (the course author), Malcolm and some other juxtanauts will be on hand to guide you on your space adventure!


No required requirements! Optionally, it would help if you could bring a laptop.

Thu 01 Aug — 16:00
Thu 01 Aug — 18:00
Conference venue: Hal5, Diestsesteenweg 104, 3010 Leuven, Belgium
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